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What is BodyByte?

BodyByte is computer software designed to take care of planning, organizing and managing your nutrition and fitness programme. It provides information processing power to streamline a variety of activities - sports and fitness training, sports nutrition, weight-loss management and much more.

With BodyByte, you can comprehensively plan and manage any sports training or lifestyle programme. You can keep track of your nutritional intake, your exercise/workout sessions as well as changes in your body condition and fitness levels. It offers enormous strategic value not only to athletes and sports coaches, but also provides a potent information platform for anybody involved or interested in their own fitness, nutrition and well-being. In short, you can use BodyByte for ANY type of nutrition- or fitness programme, no matter how complex or specific.

BodyByte has been designed to run in the Microsoft Windows operating environment, from Windows 98(SE) and NT onwards.

® is a registered trademark (United States Patent & Trademark Office, Reg No 3,002,909.)

Nutrition & Fitness Management

Research in the field of modern sports science has long since proved the importance of viewing nutrition and fitness in an integrated context - two sides of the same coin. The two can never be viewed in isolation - if you are intent on long-term success with sports training or any lifestyle modification effort, the holistic approach of nutrition combined with exercise and fitness is the only way to go.

A scientific, high-level sports training programme and a lifestyle modification effort to lose weight, are just different degrees of intensity of the same process. Both require a strategy or plan, both will require the setting of targets and both will require a pattern of changed behaviour to reach those targets. Finding a weight loss plan or exercise strategy for any level of application is not difficult - the global market is swamped with all sorts of health- and fitness solutions, the scientific merit of many remaining a matter for debate. Irrespective of which lifestyle or sports training solution you need to follow, reality is that unless you organize and manage the process well, you are either doomed to fail or won't do as well as you should.

For instance, a very large proportion of individuals who need to make some serious lifestyle changes to lose weight, won't see it through. Statistically the chances are overwhelming that they will give up at some point along the way. Research has shown that a large proportion of those giving up, do so mainly because their efforts are disorganized, their plan falls apart and they have little or no idea as to what went wrong.

Whether it is weight loss or sports training, if your plan isn't working optimally it would be enormously helpful if you could find out why, so you could make timeous modifications to get back on track. When following any diet- or fitness plan, there is the potential for a wide range of useful feedback data to be generated. The unfortunate fact is that in most cases this vital information is lost simply because capturing and processing it manually is too inaccurate, cumbersome and time-consuming. BodyByte provides the capability to effectively, and with minimum effort, harvest and manage the complete information chain to support your lifestyle plan or sports training programme. And for weight loss specifically, boost the chances of your success by 3 to 5 times (300-500%) in the process.

BodyByte provides a complete information processing solution to take care of all the number-crunching and analysis, without prejudice to any applied subject-matter expertise or nutrition/training philosophy.
Therefore, please note: BodyByte makes no value judgements about what is good or bad, right or wrong regarding your choice of nutrition, exercise or fitness solution, neither does BodyByte propose or advocate any specific lifestyle or fitness training philosophy.

BodyByte is a completely neutral platform capable of efficiently handling the information processing of ANY type of nutrition- or fitness programme. These can originate from anywhere, including sports training manuals, books, health magazines, the Internet, a consulting professional or fitness coach. You can choose and implement any nutrition- or fitness plan (hopefully based upon proven research, sensibility and sound judgement), and let BodyByte organize and manage the information to keep you in the driving seat.

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