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The REAL secret of long-term

weight loss and fitness success...

Do you think the latest diet craze or miracle slimming supplements will make your weight loss efforts successful? - Don't be too sure...

Are you a "repeat-offender" when it comes to failing at effective, long-term weight loss or fitness? Or trying to make lifestyle changes and know you will probably give up somewhere along the way, with all the enthusiasm and resolve out the window?
Then nobody needs to tell you that the secret of success is NOT in the specifics of the diet- or exercise plan you are trying to follow.

There are literally hundreds of diet- and fitness plans available, some good, some dubious. New or revived weight loss fads and crazes pop up regularly in a gullible worldwide market. And mostly, it's the same story all over again: after the initial hype has subsided, the majority of those following the "new breakthrough discovery", end up where they started. Or worse.

What is the problem?

The bottom-line phenomenon responsible for the failing of weight loss and fitness plans for so many people, is this: They start out all fired up with good intentions, and then, somewhere along the way, gradually begin losing their motivation and ability to stick to the plan, and ultimately give it up. Does this sound familiar?

What is the solution?

If you wish to be successful, you don't need a new diet- or exercise plan, you need something to stop you from giving up! This is more of a psychological issue than anything else, and for most people more difficult to fix. It also explains why weight loss clubs can claim higher success rates, because they identified this real issue correctly, and are able to motivate and spur on their clients through support groups, regular meetings and weigh-ins, BUT...

...Attending group therapy is not everybody's cup of tea. In fact, the vast majority of people wishing to lose weight prefer doing it on their own, away from prying eyes and group pressure, and will only resort to group therapy after all else has failed.

Well, here is finally some good news - there is something that can be astoundingly successful in boosting your motivation, discipline and perseverance well beyond your own natural limitations. It works sub-consciously, without you having to struggle with your will-power, paying for expensive sessions with a psychologist or attend group meetings and embarrassing weigh-ins.

The real secret is this...

Research has shown that the simple act of organizing and monitoring your weight loss and fitness efforts can have an enormous impact on your ability to persevere and see your plan through. Keeping tabs on what you are doing, and using feedback information have been proven to sub-consciously boost motivation and success in the vast majority of individuals. Just keeping record of your food consumption alone, for instance, will double the chances of your success. Add in the other aspects of the process and you can increase the chances of your success by 3 to 5 times (yes, 300-500%!).

But there is a catch...

Trying to organize and monitor your effort manually, armed with your notebook and pen, is a tediously cumbersome process. There is simply too much information and detail to manage without some form of automated assistance.

And here's the answer...

BodyByte Nutrition & Fitness Organizer takes care of all the organizing and information processing for you to successfully manage and monitor your nutrition and exercise - no matter the type of lifestyle plan you are following. BodyByte provides a powerful information management platform to track, interpret and evaluate your progress, sharpening your focus, boosting your motivation and raising the odds of your success dramatically. All of this in an incredibly easy-to-use computer software program. Try it, you won't be disappointed!

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