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How to REALLY  take charge of your
fitness training with less effort and more results...

If you are a training athlete or involved in sports coaching at any level, here is some great news that is going to make your life a whole lot easier.

Fitness training is about much more than pure physical exercise. It has become a serious science, with increasing investment in research into training methods, feedback analysis and scientific testing. For both athletes and coaches, collecting data is simply not optional anymore - if you don't plan properly or utilize the feedback information generated through fitness training, testing and competition, you have no hope to compete with those who do. The information age has also come to the sports arena - big time and to stay.

What is the problem?

Even though you may have access to all the latest fitness training research, the process of applying it in practice involves planning, monitoring, testing and analysis. All of these rely on data collected during the course of fitness training and competition. Competitors and their trainers require body anthropometry and fitness state data as important indicators for decision making in regard to team selections, readiness for competition, recovery from injury, etc. The information they require may not be complex in itself, but the main problem is that it is usually poorly organized and therefore sub-optimally utilized. The collection of feedback data is mostly a haphazard process, and spread across scribbled notes, log books, computer spreadsheets and sometimes a rudimentary home-made software program or two added to the mix. Although a system as described here can work, it is usually less efficient than it should be, and will require unnecessary time, input and effort which could be better spent on other aspects of the training programme.

What is the solution?

Collection and processing of data for analysis during sports- or fitness training should not impact significantly on the training process itself, most definitely not to the extent where athletes and coaches are regularly struggling with paperwork or number-crunching. The solution is to find a suitable replacement for the scribbled notes and log books, to make the collection of data easy and organized, and to provide the tools to run all the analyses with minimum user effort. To have the information serve your needs, not the other way around. The only problem with this solution is that most sports-oriented information processing systems are expensive and cumbersome to use and operate. And those available at low cost are also low performance, and mostly not up to the task.
Not so anymore...

Here's your answer...

BodyByte Nutrition & Fitness Organizer takes care of all the organizing and information processing for you to successfully manage and monitor your fitness training programme with flair. For both athlete and coach, BodyByte provides a powerful information management platform to track, interpret and evaluate all collected data, and the tools to plan and manage the most complex fitness training schedule. From designing exercise plans to sports nutrition - BodyByte has it all. Try it, you won't be disappointed!

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