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BodyByte and your Motivation

Are you afraid that a lack of motivation and commitment will torpedo your weight-loss or fitness efforts? Think you may be a lost case with little hope of long-term success - maybe with a history of failed attempts to prove it? At last! Read the good news...

The biggest obstacle for you, or anybody, to embark on a weight-loss or fitness programme is inside your own head. First, to gather the courage and motivation to start, and then, perhaps most crucially, to keep the momentum and commitment to persevere until your goals are reached.
The reasons for your success or failure are psychological. They do not come from any specific diet, nor from a health supplement container.

And still the weight-loss industry worldwide responds, year after year, by flooding the market with all sorts of new discoveries, promising instant slimming without really having to change your lifestyle. "Lose weight without dieting" is a common advertisement slogan. But even with this promise, you'll always find the catch in the fine (mostly VERY fine) print: "Only effective as part of calorie-controlled intake". In plain language this means you'll have to cut back on eating in order for that "miraculous" or "revolutionary" new discovery to work. No impact on your lifestyle, or no dieting? Yeah, right.

If your weight problem is primarily the result of your lifestyle and not due to medical conditions such as low thyroid function, the bottom line is that you will have to modify your lifestyle if you want to lose weight. Nobody really wants to hear this, but this is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. If you are serious about losing weight or increasing your fitness and be successful over the long term, your first step is to come to terms with the fact that there are no shortcuts. If not, you'll forever be chasing after all the elusive magic quick-fixes, and find yourself repeatedly exploited by a fairly ruthless industry who won't have too many moral objections to take you for all you're worth.

OK, let's assume you're in agreement. What now? We all know that the term "lifestyle change" which is thrown about so casually is only a politically correct euphemism for the less pleasant-sounding concepts of dieting and exercise. The reasons for apprehension concerning diet and exercise are simple: Many fear the prospect of not being able to get going with a diet- or exercise programme, and even more fear the prospect of failure, not trusting their own will-power and commitment. Ask anyone who has attempted to do this a few times without success. Maybe you can identify with this yourself.

This is where motivation will make or break your effort. Motivation drives your attitude. It boosts your morale, discipline, commitment and perseverance. If you're motivated you will view your lifestyle changes more positively - you will even come to enjoy them, and even more so enjoy your success. Only if your motivation can sustainably overcome your bad lifestyle habits, will you be able to lose the weight, keep it off and be more healthy.
Your results will only be as good as your ability to stay motivated.

Not much we can do about motivation for lifestyle change, most of us tend to think, besides joining a weight-loss club, attending motivational seminars or spending hours in therapy with a shrink...
Or is there?

Motivation is the key. We discovered an astoundingly effective way for you to get and maintain the motivation and commitment to make your lifestyle plan work. And to keep it working over the long term.

The motivating power of BodyByte was originally identified as a potential spin-off benefit that you would enjoy from using BodyByte. However, the extent and significance of this power only became fully apparent after trials and testing with a range of users and volunteers commenced, and the results were analyzed.

Apart from the technical feedback to verify the functions and calculations built into BodyByte, comments received from the vast majority of participants did not concern the technical issues, but featured the almost unanimous verdict that using BodyByte somehow boosted their focus, motivation and commitment well beyond what they generally thought themselves capable of.

Further development and testing revealed that the original identification of BodyByte as a motivation booster had been grossly underestimated. Feedback to date has confirmed that BodyByte has the power to contribute hugely to address the core issue of weight-loss and fitness - your motivation.

The following observations are compiled from experiences reported in the majority of user feedback, and may well hold the critical key to your own successful weight-loss and fitness...

Try it. Take the trouble to become involved in the "nuts and bolts" of your lifestyle plan. Capture the details of your meal plans and exercise routines. Check the nutritional values, get a sense of energy and nutrient content of your favorite foods. Do your history recording diligently - BodyByte makes it easy and quick. When you focus on this, you focus away from your fear of failure, your worries that your will-power will break down. You'll find motivation not to be an issue because you never deal with it directly. You will FEEL in control, therefore you will BE in control.

BodyByte - Motivation through Information

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