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How To…

BodyByte is an extremely easy and intuitive program to use. You just follow the instructions on each BodyByte program page (screen) and whatever you wish to do, is accomplished. If you are new to BodyByte we really urge you to read the Frequently Asked Questions available from the BodyByte program Main Console, if you are unsure of anything. These 21 FAQ's cover the majority of queries we usually receive from users.

There is also a very comprehensive User Guide, also available from the BodyByte Main Console. The User Guide gives you detailed explanation of every single aspect and function of the BodyByte program. As with any new program, gadget or tool - when all else has failed, please read the instructions.

The purpose of this “How To” page is to provide details and instructions about extras we include in the BodyByte download from time to time, or anything else which may be temporary in nature and doesn’t belong in the User Guide or FAQ’s.


Importing the JVR 3-day Exercise Program

into your user file

In his book
Looking Good - The lazy guide to a better body, BodyByte creator and developer Jan van Rensburg refers readers to a weekly exercise program already in BodyByte exchange file format, and included when they download and install BodyByte.  The exercise program is called the JVR 3-Day Muscle Building Exercise Week, and users can import it directly into their own user file for use, without having to manually copy the exercise program from the book into BodyByte.

The steps required to do this are as follows:

  1. Once BodyByte is installed and activated, start BodyByte and log in.
  2. After log in, click the <My Exercise> button on the Main Console.
  3. On the next screen, click the <Exercise Planner> button.
  4. On the the Exercise Program Options screen which follows, click the button on the bottom-right which reads <Import Exercise Programs into your User File>.  A screen with controls to import exercise programs will be displayed.
  5. Click the <Select Exchange File to Import from> drop-down list and select the exchange file called “JVR3DayExerciseWeek”.
  6. On the <Select Exercise Program to Import> drop-down list, select the exercise program called “JVR 3-Day Muscle Building Exercise Week”, and click the <Accept>-button.
  7. Voila! The exercise plan will be imported into your user file. After importing, BodyByte will ask you if you want to import more exercise programs. Simply indicate no, which will take you back to the Exercise Program Options screen. You can open the freshly imported exercise program by clicking the <Exercise Planner> button, and selecting the “JVR 3-Day Muscle Building Exercise Week” from the drop-down list on the next screen.
  8. From there you can modify or fine-tune the exercise program to your specific requirements, print it out and take it with you to the gym.

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