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Of all the available lifestyle software programs on the market, you will find that BodyByte is the easiest, most powerful to use. And best of all, it's FREE - no kidding!

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How to use BodyByte as your

Ultimate Food Calculator

Do you want or need to do calorie counting as part of your lifestyle change program or regular diet? Many people would like to, because it really opens up a whole world of new insights into your eating habits, and has been proven to have a very positive influence on your motivation. Keeping a journal of what, and how much, you eat, has been proven to make people lose more than twice the amount of weight compared to those who don't. But there is just just one problem...

What is the problem?

Keeping track of what you eat and then trying to do it with some semblance of accuracy so you'll be able to use the information in a meaningful way afterwards, is difficult, and a lot of work. A right royal pain in the ass. Very few people can truly stick it out for long before getting fed up and shoving aside the notebook and pen. And who can blame them? When your dieting efforts become buried in endless calculations and number-crunching eating away at your valuable time, it's easy to become distracted from the process, disillusioned and disappointed. And if you want to analyse your diet and the accuracy of your data collection effort is doubtful, you would have wasted your time anyway.

What is the solution?

BodyByte is your ultimate food calculator. Not only does it make calorie counting easy and quick, but the counting doesn't stop at calories. It counts everything else, too. Carbohydrates, protein, fat, and a whole pile of vitamins and minerals to boot. And it doesn't end there, either.

Apart from letting you count calories and nutrients as you consume your daily food, BodyByte gives you a huge food database with all the energy and nutrient values for thousands of food items, at your fingertips. It also gives you powerful and user-friendly recipe- and daily meal plan tools allowing you to capture and compile your favourite recipes and meals. Instantly adding up all the ingredients and giving you a full run-down of the complete energy and nutrient content of any recipe, meal or home-made snack. Making calorie-counting less cumbersome and more meaningful. Demanding less of your time and giving you much more accuracy and decision power.

And, to quote the famous marketing pitch, that is not all. There's more. With BodyByte you can draw up an unlimited number of daily meal plans, combining recipes, food items and whole meals into a refined schedule for controlling your nutrition programme, in as much detail as you wish to have it. Instantly calculating everything to show meal totals or daily totals for energy content and some 40 other nutrients.  

If you are into designing and preparing healthy food recipes and you want to give your guests a complete energy and nutrient breakdown of your meals and dishes, BodyByte is by far the easiest and most powerful tool to get everything together and sorted in no time. Giving you concise and easily readable reports and graphs, and the ability to update any changes with lightning-fast speed. There is just nothing else that remotely compares in terms of speed, power and ease of use, including many paid products, some of which are quite expensive.

All of this for FREE...

BodyByte Nutrition & Fitness Organizer takes care of all your calorie- and nutrient counting, without the schlep.  BodyByte provides a powerful information management platform to track, interpret and evaluate all nutrition information, and the tools to plan and manage the most complex diet or nutrition schedule. BodyByte has it all. Try it, and experience the difference!

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