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Yeah, right. You've heard that one before. Sceptical? Nobody can blame you. Free stuff is either rubbish or there's a catch.

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Of all the available lifestyle software programs on the market, you will find that BodyByte is the easiest, most powerful to use. And best of all, it's FREE - no kidding!

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This powerful 320-page book by Jan van Rensburg, the creator of BodyByte, analyses and explains the art of getting yourself in a good-looking physical shape as seen from a lazy perspective - with the emphasis on reducing effort and personal sacrifice, while ensuring success.

This work is the result of 30 years of research, experimental testing and evaluation of just about every conceivable diet and fitness philosophy. It challenges a number of today's generally accepted health truths.

A combination of out-of-the-box thinking and a tongue-in-cheek approach provides you with a very fresh look at this highly contentious subject - you can therefore expect a number of surprising insights, viewed from a somewhat different and unusual angle.

Looking Good is available in ebook form in a variety of formats for most available reading devices, including:

You can get your ebook copy of Looking Good (ISBN 978-1-4657-5802-6) at by clicking HERE. This ebook is also available in Afrikaans (ISBN 978-1-4660-2952-1), also at in all of the above formats.

Looking Good is also currently in print (ISBN 978-1-920424-32-9) and will be available in bookstores towards the last quarter of 2011. The printed edition will also be available in Afrikaans (ISBN 978-1-920424-31-2).

Looking Good

The lazy guide to a better body