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BodyByte and Diabetes

With the incidence of diabetes, and especially type 2 diabetes on the rise, there is an increasing need for people living with the disease to control and manage their condition and treatment. The essence of successful diabetes management is the ability to control blood sugar levels within an acceptable range. Keeping track of blood sugar levels is something most diabetes patients do daily, in order to monitor their treatment program and to see if their condition is under control.

Keeping record of blood sugar levels is something most people will do manually with a notebook and pen, along with other indicators such as cholesterol, and even records of what, and how much, they eat. Doing it manually is, quite frankly, not the best or easiest way to go about it. Not if you want to be able to analyze your recorded information later, trying to identify trends or looking for high blood sugar incidences related to specific types of foods or other influences.

What is the solution?

BodyByte allows you to record up to 3 daily blood glucose readings per day, storing it safely with all the other recorded information like your daily food intake, and other body condition parameters such as your weight, body fat, body measures, blood pressure, resting heart rate, serum cholesterol and up to 16 fitness indicators. All this information can be analyzed and displayed in reports and graphs, generated automatically and easily.

Now you can quickly establish links between your diet, general body condition and blood glucose, and manage your diabetes from a much more holistic perspective.

Blood glucose monitoring

With BodyByte you can record a daily fasting blood glucose reading, a daily post-meal (post prandial) reading, and a random/customized reading. The latter can be used in a generic way to record, for instance, blood glucose after exercising, and keeping track of the effects of exercising on your blood sugar levels. This gives you better information to control and manage your condition far more comprehensively, putting you in charge of your diabetes, and not your diabetes in charge of you.

Diabetes diet- & exercise management

BodyByte has all the tools to comprehensively plan and manage your entire nutrition- and exercise program, keeping track of your daily energy and nutrient intake, and keeping you in control. You can design GI/GL-controlled nutrition programs, low-carbohydrate regimes, any customized nutrition plan to suit your specific requirements. For instance, among thousands of other food items in its food database, BodyByte includes the nutrition information of all Atkins products and recipes, most of which are geared for reduced glycemic spiking, ideal for diabetes management.

All of this for FREE...

BodyByte Nutrition & Fitness Organizer takes care of all the monitoring, tracking and control for people living with diabetes, without the schlep.  BodyByte provides a powerful information management platform to track, interpret and evaluate a comprehensive array of information, and the tools to plan and manage the most suitable nutrition- and exercise schedule for you. BodyByte has it all. Try it, and experience the difference!

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