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Yeah, right. You've heard that one before. Sceptical? Nobody can blame you. Free stuff is either rubbish or there's a catch.

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"Simply the best of them all"

Of all the available lifestyle software programs on the market, you will find that BodyByte is the easiest, most powerful to use. And best of all, it's FREE - no kidding!

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BodyByte Pro

BodyByte Pro is the professional version of BodyByte, licensed for professional, commercial and research purposes. If you are a dietitian, nutritionist, fitness instructor or anybody who wishes to use BodyByte in a professional/commercial or research/consulting capacity, this version is for you.

If BodyByte is going to be used for professional purposes, the Pro version is superbly geared for drawing on previously created templates and data to be able to cut your workload to a minimum. The Free version doesn't offer this capability, and for more details about the additional features of the Pro version over the Free version of BodyByte, check out the
BodyByte Free and Pro Feature Comparison.

As with any professional software edition, the Pro version is not free. In the case of BodyByte Pro, however, it is not expensive, and offers the best value for money you will find anywhere. Downloading is free just like the Free version, but to activate BodyByte Pro you need to purchase a Pre-paid Token and redeem it during the activation process.

BodyByte Pre-paid Tokens - how do they work?

You download and install BodyByte Pro for free, just like the BodyByte Free version. But unlike Free version, ACTIVATION of BodyByte Pro is not free. Not expensive at all, but not free. To activate BodyByte Pro, you have to purchase a BodyByte Pre-paid Token (aka pre-paid voucher or -coupon) beforehand. You also get the opportunity to purchase a Pre-paid Token during the activation process if you don't have one yet.

The Pre-paid Token ID is an alphanumeric codeword which you are prompted to enter during activation of BodyByte Pro. When you enter a valid Pre-paid Token ID, it is redeemed and you are issued with your Activation Code in much the same way as the BodyByte Free version. Any Pre-paid Token can only be redeemed once, after which it is spent.

IMPORTANT: Pre-paid Tokens are like cash - you have to keep them safe because anyone coming into their possession can use them.

If you want, you can
Buy a Pre-paid Token Now. The system will open a new browser window and a secure purchase page from where you can continue to purchase your Pre-paid Token.

BodyByte Pro Pre-paid Token Cost

Pre-paid Tokens for the different country editions of BodyByte Pro all cost the same internationally in US-dollar terms. The price in USD for all of them is $39.99, but for your convenience we display the pricing below in the different country edition currencies, based on current exchange rates.

United States

United Kingdom


South Africa

*  Daily fluctuations in exchange rates between the USD and other currencies have as result that the quoted BodyByte Pro Pre-paid Token price in GBP, AUD and ZAR may vary accordingly from day to day.

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